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  • OpenHub™ 15″ Touch Screen
  • Ergo-Bar Hand Grip
  • Step-up Assist
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You’re not going to find anything in the industry like the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet with the new OpenHub consoles.The OpenHub console provides a flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer for today and into the future This user-friendly fitness machine is easily adjusted to your fitness and experience level. Increase the challenge of your comfort level with varying levels of resistance difficulty with speeds from 24 to 162 steps per minute. Innovative fitness applications come with pre-set workouts that focus on a preset time, caloric burn, or target heart rate. Best of all, with the OpenHub consoles you can track all of your fitness progress and review it later to see how far you’ve come. The StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet pre-programs will take the guess work out of your workouts and take you through an intense and effective routine. Choose to climb the steps of famous landmarks like the Eifel Tower or aim to reach and hold a specific target heart rate. Just push a button and let the machine do the rest. The StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet is designed to accommodate a wide range of users. This machine can be adjusted to suit your height, weight, experience, and preference level. Best of all, it features the safety and durability of the StairMaster brand, ensuring you can move through your routine without any worries. With this user-friendly machine you can easily adjust to your fitness and experience level. With a step range of 26 to 162 steps per minute you will be strengthening your legs, boosting your cardio and the 8 Series Gauntlet by StairMaster will challenge even the most fittest of users with the multiple workout programs it has to offer. The StairMaster 8 Gauntlet can offer exercisers a superb cardiovascular workout and provide unmatched weight loss results in a relatively short amount of time. The 8-Gauntlet stands ready to become what you need it to be to get you where you want to be. The StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series has a relatively small and energy saving footprint, and it is specially designed to conform to users and deliver the unique results they need. It’s a breeze to keep your fitness regimens interesting with the programs and workout combinations to choose from. Part of staying fit is staying inspired, motivated, and challenged enough to keep you on your toes. For Heart Rate monitoring the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet is compatible with Polar® wireless; contact sensors. The StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet is the ideal machine to add to your current fitness routine, and is one of the best low-impact training tool on the market today! This machine is designed for the home or a small commercial environment.


Assembled Dimensions

Width 34” (86cm) Length 58” (147cm) Height 89” (226cm). Product Weight: 343 lbs (156kg)

Ekg Pulse Grips

Polar® compatible wireless; contact sensors


Also available in 10” touch screen, LCD screen, and optional PVS for 10” & LCD



Maximum User Weight Capacity

350lbs (159 kg)

Power Requirements

Input Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 VA


SPARTAN RACES NEW FOR 2016-2017. The Landmark Challenge Program where users climb well-known landmarks from around the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. Sprint, Super and Beast Spartan Race Training Program. Standard co

Step Rate

24 to 162 steps per minute. Revolving staircase with eight steps, 8”(20cm) high, 9”(23cm) deep and 22”(56cm) wide


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